Student Affairs

Ilugrmset97 provides reach out opportunities for students in our alma Mata (Ilugrams) in following way:
⦁ Career mentoring
⦁ StudentHelp Initiatives
⦁ Leadership, Moral and Career Seminars
⦁ Academic Awards (1st to 3rd best students at all level)

We provide mentoring assistance to students with academic challenges with direct or via proxy through with the coordination of teachers and in-house volunteer mentors.
Students can apply to our mentoring program by filling a form. Click here.

Our StudentHelp Initiatives is to help student who are not privileged or student who cannot access basic need like school uniforms, exercise books, etc. Student can get these benefits by filling the form for StudentHelp through the consent of a teacher in the school. For StudentHelp Click here

Youth Leadership Awards
Ilugramset97 provides annual seminars to the students in Ilugram where student will have to learn about leadership, morals and career advancement.

Academic Awards
We engage teacher and class teacher’s wo grade students and get a list of top 3 best students that we encourage with gifts.

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