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There is a saying that twenty children cannot play for twenty years. Times have definitely changed. It is now more than 20 years we left Ilugram. Our memories are still very fresh. We were young, now grown older, wiser, seen all aspect of life yet we are bound by our shared heritage which was destined to be. This is the reason for our re-union – to care more for each other and show our gratitude to our beloved school (alma Mata).
Presently, we are a group not bound by locations. We have moved beyond boundaries! We are now the world. Our little ideas, growing up as young boys and girls, in Ilugram were only a pointer to a bigger picture. Those ideas have now beam across the continents. That is who we are. We were designed, trained to touching lives in all spheres of life. Kudus to our colleagues, friends and our dear teachers who gave their best.
We have gained the world. It is time to give back. The change the world needs depends on us. This starts with caring for our neigbours, friends reaching out to those people that are much more vulnerable We can only change in our world in the atmosphere filled with love, unity and resolve to together against all forms of differences.
To the past heroes, I salute, to the present colleagues I salute. We need each other great ideas to move this association forward to foster greater bond of friendship

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